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    2013-06-20 14:30:10

    A five star EventsManager!

    2013-05-20 11:04:27

    How to ensure you receive excellent service from your IT company (rather than put up with poor or mediocre support)

    How to ensure you receive excellent service from your IT company. When it comes to IT support, too often companies tend to put up with a less than satisfactory situation, assuming that a ‘better the devil you know’ approach is the best option.

    2013-05-14 13:40:09

    Latest Microsoft Patches & Updates May 2013

    Microsoft issues some important updates in this week's bulletin. Eight updates & two critical bulletins address some key flaws across the Windows Server and Microsoft Office apps.

    2013-04-15 13:46:13

    What's the fastest-growing threat to most IT networks?

    Web-borne malware now poses the fastest-growing threat to most networks... Are you doing enough to defend your systems & users? GFI Software™ has announced the release of GFI WebMonitor 2013, the latest version of their Web security & filtering software used by small & medium-sized businesses...

    2013-04-08 13:26:00

    Password hacking won't affect you, will it?

    Are you sleep-walking into the arms of a password fraudster? Ten Tips to Help You Create & Manage Stronger, More Hack-Proof Passwords… Password and online identity theft is increasingly common and has recently affected Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn and other well-known sites! But it’s not only...

    2013-03-25 13:14:17

    Keep your confidential data private and secure!

    GFI EndPointSecurity® 2013 now gives IT managers and administrators more powerful tools to assess risk, identify sensitive information and prevent data loss. As high profile data breaches continue to make the IT press headlines, Data Loss Prevention software (DLP) is becoming more and more critical...

    2013-03-18 13:28:23

    Defending against the latest malware threats!

    A new company has been established to help Enterprises combat advanced persistent threats and malware.

    2013-03-12 10:00:26

    WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor Released!

    Ipswitch Inc.’s Network Management Division (the developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of IT management software) has announced the release of WhatsUp Gold Version 16.1 (v16.1) which features the brand new WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor.

    2013-03-07 15:15:35

    Five stars for this unique trio...

    GFI LanGuard® provides busy IT staff with a unique trio of essential IT security tools. It offers patch management, vulnerability assessment and network auditing all in the one platform which makes it a very cost-effective toolset indeed.