Monday, 6 October 2014

Is Changing Your IT Support Provider Risky?

One of the reasons main reasons in our experience why businesses are put off changing IT support providers is that they think it will result in months of disruption or chaos. However, this needn’t be


Despite being very unsatisfied with the current level of service provided by their IT support, many businesses are reluctant to take their business elsewhere. Whilst some business managers believe changing IT support provider can be risky, what’s even more risky is staying with an existing provider that is failing to meet your needs and requirements.

Here at Grant McGregor we outline some of the myths regarding changing IT support and why it is riskier to stick with an existing poor provider.


Why are businesses put off from changing IT service providers?

One of the reasons main reasons in our experience why businesses are put off changing their IT support company is that they think it will result in months of disruption or chaos. However, this needn’t be the case; experienced IT companies like Grant McGregor Ltd have slick handover support processes which will make the changeover process as smooth as possible.

When selecting a new provider it’s actually important they have experience in taking over existing contracts from other IT support providers, this is a skill in itself. An IT support new client checklist is essential; this ensures your IT system remains up and running, with minimal disruption to your business.


Getting up to speed

Something else that deters businesses from swapping IT support providers is the task of bringing their new provider up to speed with their hardware and software. This shouldn’t really be the case if you select a company with all proven experience in the types of hardware and software products you’re looking for. An experienced IT company will be able to get to grips with your software and hardware in a short space of time and will capture details of all the IT you have via an IT system audit.


Security concerns

Some businesses also worry about the security risks involved with swapping IT support providers. It’s true that this is vitally important; however, part of the new client checklist will involve modifying access to a company’s IT system and changing top-level passwords. This means that the old IT support provider will no longer have access to the businesses IT system or accounts.


Signs of a poor IT support provider

Now you know that changing provider is much easier than you originally thought, let’s take a look at the signs you are working with the wrong IT support company.


1.      Slow to respond to problems

If your IT support company is slow to respond to problems and you feel like you constantly have to chase them up, now is the time to change providers. It’s far riskier to stick with the same provider, as you may face on-going issues for months and months that will ultimately affect your productivity levels as well as staff morale.

2.      They never answer the phone

Your IT support company should be easy to contact. You should at least be able to reach them via phone during business hours, but if you can’t you should think about changing providers. Some providers offer 24/7 helpdesk support, which can be incredibly beneficial for resolving problems out of hours in order to minimise disruption. Website live chat options (like we offer) and/or Skype contacts are also excellent methods of communicating with your provider.

3.      They can’t cope with your demands

If your IT support company can’t cope with your demands, it may be a sign that your business has outgrown them. If this is the case, it’s best to switch to a provider offering scalable support solutions. This means that if your business continues to grow, they will still be able to meet your needs and requirements.

4.      They’re over charging you

You should only have to pay the amount agreed at the start of your IT support contract and not a penny more. If your current provider is throwing hidden charges your way, take your business elsewhere. There are plenty of IT support companies out there (including Grant McGregor!) that are dedicated to providing upfront, transparent charges so clients always know what they are paying for.

If you remain with the same provider, you will end up having to make cutbacks elsewhere in order to pay for services that aren’t even worth the money.



Although swapping to a new IT support provider can feel a little daunting, it could be the best decision you ever make for your business.

Any reputable IT support provider will be willing to offer a free trial, an IT Service Guarantee or a short term contract, so you can get a feel for their services and see if the level of support they provide is good enough for your business.

Don’t let it remain a case of ‘Better the Devil you Know’! If you’re putting up with a less than satisfactory situation with average IT service performance or poor value for money, then grab yourself a copy of our free guide ‘5 Steps to Ensure You Get Excellent Service From Your IT Company and Get Your Money’s Worth…’ right here.

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