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    2013-03-25 13:14:17

    Keep your confidential data private and secure!

    GFI EndPointSecurity® 2013 now gives IT managers and administrators more powerful tools to assess risk, identify sensitive information and prevent data loss. As high profile data breaches continue to make the IT press headlines, Data Loss Prevention software (DLP) is becoming more and more critical...

    2013-03-18 13:28:23

    Defending against the latest malware threats!

    A new company has been established to help Enterprises combat advanced persistent threats and malware.

    2013-03-12 10:00:26

    WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor Released!

    Ipswitch Inc.’s Network Management Division (the developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of IT management software) has announced the release of WhatsUp Gold Version 16.1 (v16.1) which features the brand new WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor.

    2013-03-07 15:15:35

    Five stars for this unique trio...

    GFI LanGuard® provides busy IT staff with a unique trio of essential IT security tools. It offers patch management, vulnerability assessment and network auditing all in the one platform which makes it a very cost-effective toolset indeed.

    2013-03-05 17:54:55

    Is it my Data?

    Is it my Data? Back in the early nineties, the first file servers were a welcome sight. This new solution allowed companies and organisations to structure and store all their data centrally. Similar to Email today, people could use file servers to share information while keeping it secure, away...

    2013-02-19 17:58:50

    Growing the team with new IT Support Jobs Vacancies

    Grant McGregor are growing the team again...

    2013-02-13 08:20:01

    The natural cycle of IT – but in a virtual world.

    The natural cycle of IT – but in a virtual world.

    2013-02-08 11:28:50

    Free Guide to Better Service & Value for Money from Your IT Company

    Grant McGregor Ltd has published a new guide to help businesses and organisations get more from their IT - better service levels and better value for their money!

    2013-01-23 17:07:38

    GFI Software enhances their EventsManager solution with real-time active monitoring...

    One of our security software partners, GFI Software™, today (23 Jan 13) announced that their award-winning log management software, GFI EventsManager®, now includes the established active network and server monitoring capabilities found in GFI’s popular NetworkServerMonitor® solution.