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    Pirated software
    2022-11-10 06:00:00

    Don’t walk the plank with pirated software

    2022-11-08 10:16:54

    How do you solve a problem like Suella?

    Leaving aside the politics of the furore surrounding the UK Home Secretary, some serious questions around cyber security have been raised over the last few weeks. Are there lessons to be learnt here? And, if so, what can we learn about the cyber security mismanagement? Allegations about the...

    2022-11-02 11:38:15

    Tips for getting the most from Power Platform

    Many organisations hold a plethora of data from multiple sources that isn’t being used to its full potential. Similarly, business process automation is an often-under-utilised capability. Microsoft’s Power Platform brings together three tools to address these opportunities and help even the...

    2022-10-26 08:10:38

    Are you using Teams to share sensitive data?

    2022-10-25 12:21:12

    Windows 12 is coming… here’s what we know so far

    2022-10-19 06:49:39

    Are you really downloading Zoom… or is it malware?

    2022-10-12 07:06:08

    Some bosses think their people do less when working from home

    Microsoft has become the leader of productivity over many decades. Can you imagine doing your day to day work without their software?

    2022-10-11 13:26:48

    5 great cloud software solutions from which every small business can benefit

    The pandemic period has seen the migration towards cloud accelerate. Latest figures from Gartner suggest global cloud software solution spend will grow by sixteen percent in 2022 to $177 billion. The Grant McGregor team identifies some of the solutions within this vast market that could benefit...

    2022-10-03 13:45:05

    What does the EU’s new Digital Services Act mean for your business?

    In July 2022, the EU passed two new laws governing the use of technology as it affects EU citizens: the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act. Although the UK is no longer a member of the EU, its legislation continues to affect UK businesses and to set a gold standard for tech regulation...

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