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    2023-04-19 15:19:21

    Criminals are exploiting AI to create more convincing scams

    One of the many cool things about the new wave of Artificial Intelligence tools is their ability to sound convincingly human.

    2023-04-04 15:32:13

    How to pick the right IT support company for your business

    Choosing an IT partner is one thing – choosing the right IT partner can be something else entirely. A recent conversation got us thinking, how should you pick the right IT support company for your organisation?

    2023-03-29 14:49:23

    What is Microsoft Intune? And do I need it?

    Microsoft Intune has been designed by Microsoft as an endpoint management solution. It integrates tightly with other elements of your Microsoft 365 and Azure subscriptions, making it a great choice for most businesses. Let’s take a closer look so you can determine whether it is right for your...

    2023-03-20 10:59:02

    What is Power BI? And do I need it?

    You’re probably aware of Microsoft Power BI, even if you aren’t using it. Although the name might be familiar, are you familiar with what it does? If not, this article is for you. We’ll take a look at the features of Power BI and consider how to decide whether it is a tool your organisation should...

    2023-03-13 09:56:31

    What is SharePoint? And do I need it?

    In this article, the Grant McGregor team takes a look at Microsoft SharePoint. We’ll look at the uses and features for which it’s best known to help you decide whether your organisation should be using – or making more use of – Microsoft SharePoint. You’re probably familiar with SharePoint as a way...

    2023-03-07 13:00:49

    Let’s start talking about AI

    The whole world is suddenly talking about Artificial Intelligence. From Alexa in your kitchen, to Siri on your phone, AI is already all around us, but new names like ChatGPT, Dall-E, Jasper and more feel like they’ve blown up the internet.

    2023-03-01 11:14:29

    Do I need the Premium version of Microsoft Teams?

    What’s that? we hear you ask… Microsoft has a premium version of Microsoft Teams? Yes, it’s true: the market-leading productivity and communication app now has a premium offering. But what does it offer? And is it something that your organisation should sign up to? Microsoft announced the imminent...

    2023-02-20 12:39:20

    The 2023 cyber threats for which you should prepare

    The cyber threat landscape is always changing. That’s one of the reasons that the National Cyber Security Centre significantly updated the UK Cyber Essentials scheme last year. But what are the biggest cyber threats we face this year? And how can you prepare for them? The cyber landscape is...

    2023-02-13 09:00:00

    New changes to Cyber Essentials for 2023

    This blog is an important read for any organisation with Cyber Essentials certification or which is thinking about getting certified. It lists the changes and clarifications which will come into effect in April 2023. Cyber Essentials is updated regularly to reflect the changing cyber threats we...

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