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    2023-01-09 12:29:09

    Best new Teams features added in 2022

    Microsoft continually adds new features into Teams, ensuring that for business video communications it stays ahead of the rest of the field. Here’s the Grant McGregor team’s pick of some of the best new Teams features added by Microsoft in the second half of 2022. We love Microsoft Teams for video...

    2022-12-19 16:54:13

    Windows is the prime target for cyber criminals

    With its huge dominance in the workplace, Microsoft’s Windows has become the prime target for cyber criminals. They’re looking to access your information, disrupt your business, or hold your data to ransom.

    2022-12-13 15:30:04

    The year in review: 2022’s biggest tech stories

    It’s that time of year again: the festive season now brings with it a season of listicles and top tens... Love them or hate them, here’s the Grant McGregor rundown of the top tech stories of 2022. Undoubtedly, the tech story that generated the most noise in 2022 was Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter....

    2022-12-13 12:51:55

    When can you finally forget your password?

    2022-12-06 08:31:31

    Are your people Christmas shopping from work?

    2022-12-05 09:00:00

    What is Cloud Native? Is it something my business should be thinking about?

    Most organisations have started their journey to the cloud. Thanks to the uptake of services like Microsoft Teams during the pandemic, cloud computing has become ubiquitous. But what about “cloud native” apps? You might have heard this terminology bandied about – but do you know what it means? If...

    2022-11-30 11:18:55

    Make sure your staff know to exercise online shopping caution

    With the lines blurring between our digital lives at home and at work and many devices being used for work and personal use, the need to educate staff about seasonal cyber-security dangers has never been more important. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales bombarding our inboxes recently (and...

    2022-11-22 15:34:29

    A recent case exposes why cyber security requires multiple lines of defence

    Last week, our cyber team was alerted to a problem at one of the companies we support. Our team immediately sprang into action to protect the business, its systems and its data. Our subsequent investigations exposed exactly why any cyber-security strategy must be multi-faceted. Here’s why.

    2022-11-14 16:33:00

    Are you losing hours each week setting up video calls?

    You could be losing a full-time working week for every member of your team, thanks to the hassle of setting up video calls. Video conferencing has revolutionised team meetings and saves a huge amount of travel time. But we’re still not getting the full benefit from the new technology, according to...

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