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    2024-01-24 15:25:00

    Is dark data killing the planet?

    Does your organisation have a problem with dark data? That’s the single-use electronic content that we save in datacentres and server rooms – draining energy and adding to our carbon footprint even when that data won’t see the light of day again.

    2024-01-19 11:51:17

    2024 Tech Predictions: What cyber security challenges will we be facing in 2024?

    Here’s our roundup of the cyber security challenges about which leading organisations in this space are warning for 2024. Pulling information from a variety of expert sources, this covers some of the cyber security preparations you’ll need to be considering this coming year.

    2024-01-10 14:54:28

    The technologies and tech stories that will set the agenda in 2024

    What are the news stories that will be dominating the tech press in 2024? The Grant McGregor team dusts off our crystal ball to make some predictions. Tech made the headlines in 2023, with news about generative AI taking much of the column space. We think it will be dominating the 2024 agenda too...

    2024-01-02 08:00:00

    2024 Tech Predictions: Which business apps are set to transform our working lives in 2024?

    Here’s the Grant McGregor team’s rundown of some of the business apps we think are going to be transforming the way your organisation works in 2024. Perhaps not surprisingly, our list is dominated by AI-powered applications.

    2023-12-19 12:46:51

    The biggest tech stories of 2023: Our recap of a game-changing year

    There is no doubt we’ve seen some huge tech news over the last 12 months. The Grant McGregor team looks back and reflects on some of the biggest stories from 2023. From cybercrime to new product launches, here’s our pick of five of the biggest tech news stories from 2023.

    2023-12-05 16:41:32

    How to build connectivity resilience

    Connectivity continues to increase in importance – and complexity – for most organisations and businesses. This makes planning effective connectivity resilience more important than ever for most of us. In this blog, we consider what this means in practice.

    2023-11-29 11:39:42

    SHOCK STAT: A third of business owners don’t trust their staff

    Do you trust your employees with confidential information?

    2023-11-27 08:30:00

    Best practice tips for securing your cloud

    Whether you are using cloud-based software-as-a-service applications, running email services from your Microsoft 365 tenant or storing data in Microsoft Azure, cloud is the new normal for most organisations. The Grant McGregor team considers what that means for your cyber security approach.

    2023-11-21 15:46:50

    Technology’s dual role as both source and mitigator of risk

    Innovation is often a dual-edged sword. Technology is no exception to this: offering both risk and reward. It’s a complex picture which requires engagement at the highest level of an organisation, both in terms of continuity planning and in terms of the technology itself.

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