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    2023-08-14 12:37:00

    Five business processes that could be ripe for automation in your organisation

    Microsoft Power Automate puts easy-to-use but powerful tools for automating workflows into the hands of even the smallest businesses. But where should you start? Which processes in your business could be ripe for automation?

    2023-08-08 14:56:55

    Do your backups include this important information?

    We hear a lot about the need to back up your important business data and business applications. However, there’s an equally important backup you need to be making. The Grant McGregor team explains.

    2023-07-31 07:30:00

    Our top 5 tech productivity hacks

    How can your teams use technology to help drive productivity? The Grant McGregor team considers a few opportunities to boost productivity in your organisation.

    2023-07-24 10:23:17

    Best practice tips when using SharePoint to create your company Intranet

    SharePoint is more than a file storage solution. It’s also the basis of many a company Intranet. The Grant McGregor team takes a look at some of the best ways to leverage this commonly used Microsoft solution as the basis on which to build your company Intranet.

    2023-07-17 07:30:00

    Cyber Crime on the Rise: how can you protect your organisation from it?

    The threat from state-sponsored criminal cyber activity has grown rapidly as global tensions have escalated in recent years. Espionage activity is heavily focused on disruptive actions and financial gains. High risk sectors and companies of all sizes are targeted because of the data or intellectual...

    2023-07-10 07:30:00

    What is a watering hole attack? And how can you protect against it?

    Malicious cyber activity can take many guises. One attack vector that the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre warns against is a watering hole attack. But what is a watering hole attack? And how can you protect your organisation from them?

    2023-07-05 09:16:43

    How can your organisation mitigate the tech skills gap?

    The UK has a well-documented technology skills gap. Indeed, tech skills are in demand and under provisioned on a global basis. How can UK organisations mitigate this dearth of the right technology skills? We consider some of the options.

    2023-06-27 11:16:19

    Another week… another cyber breach: how to deal with the latest ransomware attacks

    As we continue to track the impact of the data breaches at UK outsourcing firm Capita, workers at some of the UK’s largest companies are being warned that their personal data has been compromised. What can we learn from this latest data breach?

    2023-06-26 11:16:38

    Now AI can make your Teams meetings more productive

    Are you tired of wasting precious time in meetings, only to leave feeling confused and disorganised?

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