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    2022-02-16 16:34:24

    Microsoft blocks 1,000 malicious emails a second

    Microsoft’s recently revealed that more than 35.7 billion malicious emails were sent to its customers last year. Fortunately for us, the tech giant blocked 1,000 of these malicious emails every second of 2021. That’s about 31.5 million seconds.

    2022-02-15 11:43:51

    Why should SMEs care about state-sponsored cybercrime?

    At the end of January, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre joined three American institutions in taking the unusual step of warning western organisations to be aware and prepared for ransomware and other malicious activities by state-sponsored cyber criminals. While the step to warn...

    2022-02-07 16:19:24

    Your business’s Windows updates might be failing because of this one simple thing…

    If you’re the kind of person who installs security updates on all of your devices as soon as they become available, don’t start polishing your halo just yet. Because Microsoft’s just released a piece of information which might explain why your Windows machine is STILL out-of-date… despite all your...

    2022-01-31 08:30:00

    How secure are your network peripherals?

    We’ve written repeatedly about the importance of effective device management that covers all the devices on your corporate network. As we enter 2022, the time is ripe for an important reminder. How secure are your network peripherals really?

    2022-01-24 08:30:00

    What’s next for digital transformation?

    We’ve done COVID-19 transformation. But what’s next in terms of digital transformation? The Grant McGregor team considers how digital transformation might evolve through 2022 and beyond. For IT and business leaders, the huge rush at the start of the pandemic to facilitate work from home...

    2022-01-17 08:30:00

    Simple tips for managing web browser security

    Most people within your organisation will use at least one web browser. They are ubiquitous. Some will use them to access essential business apps. Some will be using them to access webmail accounts. Others will use them simply to browse the Internet. Yet web browsers are amongst the most insecure...

    2022-01-17 06:58:00

    Microsoft 365 Prices - here's what's changing

    In August of 2021, we alerted you to some planned changes to the Microsoft 365 (some still call it Office 365) range of cloud services under the New Commerce Experience model for 2022. See and also in this week's TechTip video.   This...

    2022-01-10 16:45:09

    Don’t worry about the potential downsides of a password manager. The upsides are far greater

    Last week there were stories that a password manager called LastPass had seen some of its customers’ master passwords compromised. The company denies that happened. And it’s possible that some of the people who reported being affected had old accounts with master passwords they’d used with other...

    2022-01-10 16:44:35

    Is it worth the pain to switch IT providers?

    Should you? Could you? Isn’t it better just to stick where you are? And doesn’t change always bring with it too much risk? Honestly, is it worth the pain to switch IT providers? Is it worth the pain to switch IT providers? Believe it or not, this is a question our sales team hears a lot.

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