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    2024-04-05 11:15:00

    How to Develop an Incident Reporting Culture

    Incident response, incident response planning and the nurturing of a positive incident reporting culture within your organisation are all critical aspects of cyber security. This blog focuses on why you need to develop an incident reporting culture and how to do it.

    2024-03-27 13:00:20

    Server 2012 is end of life: Act now!

    Microsoft’s support for Windows Server 2012 ended in October 2023. That means it is vitally important to take action now to protect the cybersecurity stance of your business.

    2024-03-19 15:27:19

    Learning from Leicester: Cyber-attack causes disruption for council

    Earlier this month, Leicester City Council became the latest in a long line of local authorities who have suffered a cyber breach. What can we learn from this latest attack?

    2024-03-06 16:38:52

    Are you ready to protect yourself from Quishing?

    There’s a new variant of phishing in town: quishing. And since forewarned is forearmed, especially when it comes to spotting phishing attempts, we’ve dedicated this blog to exploring exactly what it involves.

    2024-02-26 11:25:29

    Why you must start planning early for Windows 10 end of life

    In 2023, Microsoft announced that its Windows 10 operating system will go out of support in 2025. It might seem a long way off but there are important reasons why your organisation should begin to prepare for this event now.

    2024-02-21 08:30:00

    Bridging the trust gap between your employees and AI

    Have you noticed your employees are reluctant to use AI in the workplace? It may be down to their lack of trust. We explain how to show them AI is a tool that makes work better for everyone.

    2024-02-15 09:27:00

    AI’s new role in cyber security

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have the potential to improve many areas of our lives and, in that, the discipline of cyber security is no different. However, just as with any other tool, it can be deployed for good or ill. According to NATO’s Assistant Secretary-General for Emerging Security...

    2024-02-07 09:23:00

    Are VPNs causing your staff headaches?

    Many organisations rely on virtual private networks to connect to their business data. But do they still have a place in today’s world? Or is there a better solution?

    2024-01-30 15:58:04

    How should risk managers address cyber risk?

    The last few years have been a busy time for risk managers – and technology has been central to many of the changes. Whether part of the solution or one of the identified risks, technology is top of mind for many risk managers and boardrooms. The Grant McGregor team looks at the evidence and...

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