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    phishing email on phone
    2022-06-29 14:34:07

    Protect your business from these common financial phishing scams

    The average office worker sends and receives around 121 emails every day. And while that sounds like a lot, you may be shocked to learn that 3 billion phishing emails are sent each day. They account for 1% of all email traffic. What’s a phishing email? It’s an email sent by cyber criminals that...

    2022-06-23 06:46:37

    Your business is losing hundreds of hours to spam every year

    Spam emails. Everyone hates them.

    MSP501 logo
    2022-06-16 20:00:00

    Grant McGregor Listed on “Tech Industry’s Most Prestigious International List of Managed Service Providers”

    Grant McGregor has once again been named as one of the world’s premier Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the prestigious 2022 Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings.

    2022-06-08 11:40:12

    What does the UK Government’s national cyber strategy 2022 mean for SMEs?

    In December, the UK Government released its National Cyber Strategy for 2022. We take a look at its scope and ask what impact will it have on UK businesses and organisations. The 2022 Cyber Strategy seeks to “pioneer a new cyber strategy with the whole of the UK”. In the main, the document...

    2022-05-30 14:32:53

    Your guide to creating an effective enrolment policy for users and devices

    People are often said to be the “weakest link” or the “first line of defence” in your cyber strategy. But what happens when they aren’t there? But all their connected devices and accounts are? That’s why an effective enrolment policy is essential. What happens in your organisation when someone...

    2022-05-23 11:01:21

    Can we really achieve Net Zero in our data centres?

    Today’s organisations hold vast quantities of digital information. The ease and low price-point of modern cloud storage solutions makes it far too easy to accept that situation – but we must recognise that it doesn’t come without a cost. Most businesses could defensibly delete much of the data they...

    2022-05-16 11:54:57

    The New Password Rules: 2022 Update

    It’s a while since the Grant McGregor team shared information about password best practice – and a lot has changed. Not least in terms of the new guidance in the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme, but also in terms of the technology solutions now available to strengthen security. Earlier this...

    2022-05-09 13:05:06

    A guide to making hybrid work over the long term

    What is the future of remote work now that pandemic restrictions have been lifted? Will hybrid be the new “new normal”? And, if so, how can you make it work for the long term? The Grant McGregor team considers a few tips to help make hybrid work for your organisation and your people.

    2022-05-03 09:29:00

    What does the new normal look like now?

    We’ve not heard a lot about the “new normal” recently. In our rush to put the pandemic behind us, the conversation has moved on. But there remain issues we need to be thinking about in the new post-pandemic world. We’ve heard a lot about how the pandemic lockdowns forced organisations to fast-track...

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