Wednesday, 16 June 2021

What is Business Voice Pro? And How Do I Get Started with It?

If you’d like to switch your organisation over to a cloud-based telephony solution, Business Voice Pro is definitely something you should look at.

If you’d like to switch your organisation over to a cloud-based voice communication solution, GM's Business Voice Pro is definitely something you should look at. If you are already using Microsoft Teams across the business, then it really is a no brainer. We explain what Business Voice Pro is and why it is worth discovering.

Earlier this year we launched Business Voice Pro. It runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud, so users gain all the benefits associated with that, including the high-quality resilience and security of a Microsoft-run datacentre and the usual benefits of cloud: rapid, easy deployment; scalability; no need to purchase or look after hardware; easy to maintain.

In the case of Business Voice Pro, this means you no longer need your telecoms hardware: server, switches, gateway and other hardware (even the phones!). These facts already made Business Voice a compelling solution, especially for existing Microsoft users.

However, the shift to remote work that has happened during the pandemic makes Business Voice an even more natural choice for organisations of all kinds. The close integration with the rest of the Microsoft stack – and especially Microsoft Teams – means that the rollout will seem extremely natural for users. And you and they can benefit from all kinds of integrations.

What is Business Voice Pro?

Microsoft Business Voice Pro delivers all the features you expect from a small business PBX or VoIP solution.

This includes:

• Inbound and outbound calling

• Direct dial and service numbers

• Device-based do not disturb

• Call transfer

• Auto attendants

• Call queues

• Group calling

Business Voice Pro can work on virtually any device. For remote workers and people working from home, Business Voice Pro makes the goal of a single device for each user a real possibility. Users can take calls on their laptop, tablet or a two-in-one device like Microsoft Surface; no longer requiring phone hardware. Plus, the Teams app works with IoS and Android devices.

Business Voice Pro also works on traditional (VoIP-enabled) phone handsets, so receptionists, executives or other office-based staff can continue to use desktop phones if they wish to. Plus, the integration with Microsoft Teams – and Microsoft Surface Hubs if you wish – make it ideal for conference room calling.

From a user point of view, if your staff are already using Microsoft Teams, a deployment of Business Voice will seem very natural. They’ll be used to the interfaces and the way the solutions work. And you can call straight from your contact list in Outlook and use Teams features, such as video calling and compliant call recording, easily.

How do I get started with Business Voice Pro?

To use Business Voice, you’ll need a Microsoft 365 subscription and Teams licencing. If you already have these across your organisation, this will make the price – and ease of use – of Business Voice very compelling.

The solution offers many options for call routing, including parameters to route calls by time zone, language or availability, so it is easy to assign numbers and create the right auto attendant and call queue rules for your organisation. You can manage all of this in a dedicated admin centre.

Included in scalable monthly pricing is a generous calling plan which can be shared across your organisation.

Rollout to users is straightforward if your organisation is already using Microsoft Teams, but it may be an opportunity to offer additional Teams training to staff to ensure they are getting the most from their use of Microsoft Teams.

Next steps

If your phone system is approaching end of life or you’re faced with purchasing new telecoms hardware, we would recommend that you definitely take a look at Business Voice Pro.

If you are already using Teams across your organisation and you’d like to integrate voice traffic with this completely, so you have a single unified communications solution, then we’d also suggest you take a closer look at Business Voice Pro.

If either of these scenarios applies to your organisation, reach out to the Grant McGregor team today on

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