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    SHOCK STAT: A third of business owners don’t trust their staff

    Do you trust your employees with confidential information?

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    2023-11-29 11:39:42

    SHOCK STAT: A third of business owners don’t trust their staff

    Do you trust your employees with confidential information?

    2023-11-27 08:30:00

    Best practice tips for securing your cloud

    Whether you are using cloud-based software-as-a-service applications, running email services from your Microsoft 365 tenant or storing data in Microsoft Azure, cloud is the new normal for most organisations. The Grant McGregor team considers what that means for your cyber security approach.

    2023-11-21 15:46:50

    Technology’s dual role as both source and mitigator of risk

    Innovation is often a dual-edged sword. Technology is no exception to this: offering both risk and reward. It’s a complex picture which requires engagement at the highest level of an organisation, both in terms of continuity planning and in terms of the technology itself.

    2023-11-13 15:08:00

    Best practice for no-code and low-code solutions

    No-code and low-code solutions offer the tantalising promise of turning every member of staff into a developer – enabling everyone in your organisation to use technology creatively to solve the real-world business challenges they face every day.

    2023-11-06 10:11:00

    Why is cyber security so difficult in industrial environments? And what to do about it

    As industrial and manufacturing businesses undertake digital transformation initiatives, they stand to drive efficiency, improve productivity and achieve new competitive advantage. However, as digitalisation progresses, they also expose a new risk: a growing surface which is vulnerable to...

    2023-10-31 10:14:19

    Cyber security update: 2023’s phishing tactics

    Since the pandemic, email use has been rising rapidly. With more email use, comes greater risk of email-borne cyber threat. This article explores the latest research into phishing activity to help you be prepared and minimise the phishing risk to your organisation.

    2023-10-23 15:45:50

    The problem of shadow IT – and how to get the human factor right in cyber security

    Here at Grant McGregor we are believe that your staff play a vital role in your cyber security defence. While awareness training and a good reporting culture are staples of this approach, there are other behavioural activities that an organisation must address in order to strengthen its...

    2023-10-16 15:11:11

    Update yourself on the latest thinking about ransomware

    The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has published a new report looking at the threat of ransomware to UK organisations. It offers detailed insights into the latest tactics being used by cyber criminals – and how to protect yourself against them.

    2023-10-09 12:07:04

    What do we know about the Electoral Commission data breach? And what can we learn from it?

    Continuing with the theme for Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October, our next blog looks at the story reported in August 2023, where the Electoral Commission admitted it had been victim of a cyber-attack. Since then, details have been emerging about the nature of the attack and the attack...

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