Monday, 11 September 2023

You should be getting more from your IT partner

Selecting an IT partner isn’t as easy as finding someone who operates a helpdesk during your business hours. You should be getting more from your IT partner.

Your IT partner should be more than someone who can connect your keyboard or log in users when they forget their password. A partner in the truest sense of the word is someone who works with you to help your organisation operate at its best.


For many businesses, outsourcing their internal IT helpdesk function makes a lot of sense. Even when technology is a core element of your business, having someone who can pick up the daily grind of issues, problems and user errors can be a no brainer. It leaves your team free to concentrate on the value-adding work. 

When technology isn’t part of your business, outsourcing IT makes even more sense – it neatly sidesteps the stretch to recruit and manage competencies inhouse that just aren’t in your wheelhouse.

However, selecting an IT partner isn’t as straightforward as finding someone who operates a helpdesk during your business hours. You should be getting more than that from any prospective IT partner.


Why simply operating an IT helpdesk isn’t enough

The appeal of outsourcing internal IT helpdesk services is an important driver for many organisations to work with an IT partner. However, simply operating a helpdesk isn’t enough; their work becomes simply about firefighting and nothing ever gets better.

In today’s world, where IT and technology are evolving at a rapid pace, staying static isn’t an option. In reality, it equates to falling further and further behind.


Reactive vs. proactive

Simply put, of course you need someone to be available to deal with the reactive work; that’s important. 

However, by working with a partner who is prepared to also be proactive, it can help to reduce the number and severity of those reactive instances. 

Our team are well versed in looking for the source of an issue – we are not content with just fixing the manifestation of an issue. That’s why we have regular business reviews with our clients: to highlight the positive changes each of our partners could make in order to address the root causes of issues and identify potential tools, changes and policies that could actively enhance your IT environment and user experience.


Tactical vs. strategic

Making tactical changes to improve things is important – but it isn’t enough, of course.

Technology is part of almost every aspect of lives. It is, therefore, an important source of competitive advantage in almost every business. Taking a strategic approach to technology can make the difference between success and failure.

That’s why Grant McGregor instituted our Virtual CIO Strategy Meetings for our clients. It’s an opportunity to bring in CIO-level expertise to your organisation. For small or mid-size businesses this type of expertise might be too difficult or too expensive to recruit – but every organisation can benefit from access to it.

Understanding leading edge technologies, horizon scanning, forecasting disruption, driving sustainability and mitigating risk – all these strategic competencies can (and should) be accessed via a good IT partner.


How to get more from your IT partner

Would you like to move away from tactical, reactive technical support?  

If you can see the value of a more strategic and proactive approach to the management of your IT, perhaps you should be getting more from your IT partner. If this sounds like your organisation, please reach out to the Grant McGregor team. 

We are on hand to help you transition to a more strategic, proactive approach to IT. 

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