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Should you lease? Dell, sustainability and your leasing options

Leasing your IT equipment can be a great way to refresh your hardware estate without huge capital expenditure, and it can help you meet your sustainability goals.

Leasing your IT equipment can be a great way to refresh your hardware estate without grappling with huge capital expenditure. But did you know that it can also help you meet your sustainability goals?


Grant McGregor partners with Dell to offer affordable and sustainable computer hardware leasing options for our customers. These options aren’t limited to Dell equipment. Leases can extend to all IT equipment and even project services.

With changing requirements affecting many IT devices, including PCs and laptops, because of the proliferating use of artificial intelligence (AI) software solutions and the new demands they place on hardware and infrastructure, leasing offers a practical way for organisations to be ready for the (all too near) future.


Why choose a leasing agreement for your IT hardware?

Opting to lease your IT equipment, PCs and laptops rather than purchasing them can be a practical choice for a variety of reasons.

This includes:

•    Spreading the cost of your device refresh programme so that is more affordable.

•    Refreshing all user devices in one sweep without prohibitive capital costs.

•    Accessing high-performance and cutting-edge devices before you would otherwise be able to afford them.

•    Ensuring your device refresh programme operates with a reliable and affordable cadence.

•    Handing off the responsibility for device sanitisation, repurposing or recycling to a third-party at no extra cost, while ensuring the responsible reuse, recycling or disposal of those devices.

You can read more about the pros and cons of leasing your IT equipment in our blog “Should your organisation be leasing your IT hardware?”.


Why choose Dell PCs and laptops?

Dell hardware is recognised in the industry as producing devices to a high-quality standard. Dell is also working to make its devices and operations more sustainable. Grant McGregor is pleased to recommend Dell PCs and laptops to our customers because Dell is committed to designing high-quality, reliable products for a sustainable future. Further, Dell offers excellent support. 

Partnering with Dell enables us to offer a wide range of hardware leasing options to suit your infrastructure needs, your people and your budget.

This includes designing products made with more sustainable materials, including those from closed-loop recycling processes. For example, it is manufacturing select commercial PCs to incorporate bioplastics from trees.


The sustainability commitments made by Dell about its hardware

Dell has committed that by 2030:

•    For every product a customer buys, Dell will reuse or recycle an equivalent product.

•    100% of its packaging will be made from recycled or renewable material. 

•    More than half of our product content will be made from recycled or renewable material.

The company is already taking action to improve sustainability. It has been working on designing products made with more sustainable materials. This includes recovering used electronics and using recycled-content plastic in its products.  

Furthermore, Dell offers responsible solutions throughout the entire product lifecycle. Dell offers a comprehensive recycling and disposal programme for your business equipment:

•    Dell accepts any brand of owned or leased IT equipment.

•    It manages end-to-end logistics.

•    Your data stays safe: Dell sanitises your equipment as part of the recycling process.

•    Dell will help you unlock value in your old equipment or recycle it.

•    It will provide you with comprehensive reporting about all equipment recycled.


Which Dell products do Grant McGregor recommend?

The most popular choices of hardware and devices from Dell’s extensive catalogue include:

•    Dell Latitude range, 3 series, 5 series, 7 series – suitable for typical office use.

•    Dell XPS range – thin/light/director/on-the-go use.  

•    Dell Precision desktop range – very high-power architect/graphic design PCs.

•    Dell Precision laptop range – high-power architect/design laptops.

In addition, we also offer our customers a complete range of peripherals, including Dell keyboards, mice, monitors, docking stations, and laptop bags.

We can provide outright purchase or leasing options on this hardware. Leasing deals can be structured so they also include the setup cost and even extend to hardware from other manufacturers.


Would you like more information about device leasing?

If you think leasing could be a good option for your organisation, please get in touch with the Grant McGregor team.

We will be happy to offer advice and recommendations or provide a quote where appropriate.

Call us: 0808 164 4142

Message us: https://www.grantmcgregor.co.uk/contact-us

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