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    2014-08-04 12:41:30

    Cloud Based Email Simplified with Microsoft Office 365

    Today more and more businesses are migrating to Office 365 in order to take advantage of its Cloud based email solution, amongst many other beneficial features. One of the great things about using Microsoft Office 365 is that it allows you to continue using the email software and other tools you...

    2014-07-28 13:20:11

    Edinburgh Festival Fun

    It’s that time of year when Edinburgh comes alive with hundreds of shows in the Edinburgh Festival.

    2014-07-14 12:56:20

    Cloud Computing Solutions - Levelling the Playing Field for SMEs

    In the past small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have struggled to compete with larger businesses in their industries, with one of the reasons being that they did not have access to the same advanced technologies. However, thanks to Cloud computing solutions, the playing field has begun to level out...

    2014-05-12 11:06:27

    Ipswitch Gold Partner, Grant McGregor Ltd secures WhatsUp Gold to protect The School of Clinical Medicine against network abuse.

    The WhatsUp Gold network monitoring software solution from Ipswitch will heal network ailments at The School of Clinical Medicine, part of the University of Cambridge.

    2014-04-21 12:52:44

    Simple IT Infrastructure Management with Server Virtualisation


    2014-03-10 14:53:48

    A new IT Support Analyst joins the GM Service Team

    Today we have a new addition to the family...

    2014-02-10 13:07:34

    GM Seminar - Thursday 13th March 2014 - Edinburgh

    Seminar - How Multi-Layered, Cloud IT Security Can Save You Hours of Tedious Work Every Week… This week, I wanted to alert readers to a Seminar we're holding at The Merchants' Hall, 22 Hanover St, Edinburgh. Thursday 13th March 2014 - 13:30 to 16:45

    2014-01-07 17:00:53

    What's the impact to you of Windows XP going end of life in April 2014?

    Windows XP goes end of life 8th April 2014 - but what does this mean to you? Understand the true significance of this event and what you may need to do about it…

    2014-01-06 12:26:45

    Grant McGregor is Looking for a Talented IT Support Technician