Monday, 19 November 2018

How Big (or Small) Does Your Organisation Need to Be to Need an IT Strategy?

How big does an organisation need to be to make an IT strategy necessary?

How big does an organisation need to be to make an IT strategy necessary? Is your organisation too small to need one? Grant McGregor answers your questions.

One thing we hear surprisingly often as IT consultants is “we’re not big enough to need an IT strategy”.

Given the digital world we live in today, it’s more than likely that this statement is not entirely true. These days, even micro businesses need an IT strategy. Because even the most IT-phobic business operating in the most hands-on and un-digitalised industry will need to know:

• how to store and keep your records safe,

• how to back up important files and accounts,

• which email and accounting software to use,

• potential security and performance risks,

• which security software offers the best protection,

• when there will be a need to upgrade software and systems and what the likely cost will be, and

• (probably) how you are going to use modern marketing methods to promote your products and services.

In addition, you are probably going to need to make conscious decisions about whether or not to have a website, when and how to create that website, what office systems and other tools might be useful to you (now or in the near future), and the opportunities to digitise or optimise your existing operations.

These decisions and choices are part of your IT strategy.

This means that an organisation with just a few employees needs to have an IT strategy – to protect their business and to identify opportunities for improvement, growth and efficiency.

Why, then, the statement “we’re too small to need an IT strategy”? What is it masking?

Often, it is uncertainty about what an IT strategy involves or what it should look like. Perhaps it hides a lack of confidence in IT and a fear about making the wrong decisions.

Or perhaps the perception is that developing one (or working with a professional who can help) will cost the earth. Yet, the very worst decision is not to have a strategy at all.

Strategy makes sense of the chaos. It brings order to disorder and purpose to action. It’s necessary.

So why is it often the organisations who most lack IT expertise that most often fail to have an IT strategy in place? These are the very organisations who need an IT strategy the most. We think, in many cases, it is – in part – a lack of confidence, lack of time, and uncertainty about technology options that drive this reluctance to think strategically about IT.

That’s why our team has developed a five-step guide to help organisations who haven’t yet developed an IT strategy – or who wish to update an existing IT strategy – to develop with confidence a successful IT strategy that can help your organisation to attain its goals and drive profits.

You can download it here.

Or reach out to Grant McGregor consultants for a little more personalised help and advice.

It doesn’t need to take up a lot of your time, but it could have a decisive impact on your business.