Trick or Treat? What sort of service do you get from your IT provider?

Last month we talked about our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) feedback results – why we have it, what results we’ve been getting and what we can take from it.

For us to provide the best customer service we can, we constantly seek feedback in our daily working lives – feedback from our clients, their end-users and from one another.

That’s why we implemented our CSAT feedback system earlier this summer, so every time a service ticket is closed by our Servicedesk team, a simple email survey is sent out to the clients, to give us feedback on the service. This includes choosing one of 3 faces; happy green, neutral amber and sad red, as well as the option to submit a comment.

Earlier this month (October) we received our 1000th piece of customer feedback:



And as we head towards the end of October, Halloween might be coming but our feedback has been anything but scary!

We’ve received some brilliant feedback from our wonderful clients this past month, with 95.7% green smiley faces!

And here’s some of the comments that help our team to see that their efforts are being truly appreciated:

“Quick response and a working solution provided”
“Ryan was very helpful and patient”
“You acted so quickly and efficiently – thank you!”
“Cameron was very fabulous as always : )"
“Great work from Lee as always”
“Fast response, good result!”

But it’s not all about getting a pat on the back. Some of our neutral and poor feedback scores and comments have also helped us to get back to a less contented client and find out where we could improve.

In a few cases, customers have given us a red face just to “keep us on our toes” or to tell us not to get complacent but it did prove to them that we follow-up on this feedback to understand where and how we can do better.

We love getting feedback from our customers-  particularly when it’s positive!

Is this the sort of feedback you would give your current IT service provider? Or does it feel like more of a trick than a treat?

If this is the case, then contact us on 0808 164 4142 for an initial chat to see how we can help get rid of your IT nightmares!


Photo by Javier Molina on Unsplash



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