How to Use Technology to Attract the Best Talent to Your Business

There are many things you can do in order to give your business the best chance of success. Creating great products and services, using the right software and marketing your business in a strategic way are all great things to do.

However, the most vital part of success for businesses is hiring the right people.

In order to get the most talented people working for your business, you have to know how to attract them in the first place. Below are some of the best ways to do this.

Social media recruitment

Social media is so prevalent now that it’s used for almost every type of interaction imaginable. Something that many employers don’t consider is using social media to recruit talent to their business. A key part of using social media to attract talent to your business is using the right platforms.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for finding talent within your industry since the main focus is on business. Although LinkedIn is the obvious choice you can also use less obvious platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For example, if you’re advertising for a new position then you can use the strengths of different platforms to your advantage.

Targeted advertising

When you’re advertising for a particular position within your company, you want to be sure that you reach people who are suitable and who have the right skills. Thankfully targeted advertising is now with the likes for Facebook business ads, that enable you to target your ads at the right audience using criteria such as age, location, interests and behaviours.

Invest in recruitment tools

In addition to social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, there are plenty of excellent recruitment tools that make it easier to attract to the best people to your business. The interviewing process can be time-consuming so an excellent way to narrow candidates down before the interviewing begins is to use psychometric and skills testing software. There are very affordable options available for both types of these software now.

Improve your employer brand

Improving their employer brand is something that a lot of businesses neglect but it’s one of the best ways to attract the best talent to your business. You can improve your business’ employer brand in a number of ways. Embracing social media fully and creating an impression of what it’s like to work at your business and what values it holds is a great way. You should also think about what impression people have when they walk into your offices. Is it the type of environment that inspires creativity and teamwork?

Things to avoid...

Below are some things to avoid when you want to recruit the best talent.

Hiring on instinct

Hiring based on first impressions or instinct is usually not a good idea. Although first impressions are definitely valuable when interviewing candidates, you should always have a more rounded approach and take everything into consideration, including their background, experience, qualifications and enthusiasm for the role.

Trying to create a false impression of what your business is like

Your employer brand is extremely important when trying to attract the best talent to your business but you should ensure that any candidates you’re interviewing for a position have a clear and realistic idea of what it’s like to work at your company and what their role will be. Job satisfaction is something that is extremely valuable to people so you should be upfront from the start to ensure you retain any new employees in the long run.

Focussing solely on skills and ignoring attitude

Although skills are certainly important when hiring for a particular role, you shouldn’t focus on that alone. The attitude of the candidates you interview in incredibly important too. You want to be sure that if you hire somebody, they’re not only going to be able to do the job well but also got on with your other employees and not create problems within the office.


Hopefully you found the tips above useful and will incorporate them when you’re next hiring. Make sure to keep checking back here for more news and advice related to IT, marketing and business security.


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