Six Simple Ways to Seize Control of Your Document Storage

Is document storage and management taking up valuable time, space and money in your business? If so, you’re not alone.

Many businesses still use conventional paper-based document storage systems, which can be costly to implement and time consuming to manage. You may not even realise how much time is lost looking for documents, which could be spent on business development and boosting productivity. If document storage is getting out of control in your business, it could be time to go paperless. In six simple ways, you can seize control of your document storage with our paperless cloud-based document storage system.

Volume is a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, paperless document storage system that is used and loved by organisations of all kinds worldwide. The system allows you to replicate how you currently file with customisation options allowing you to create your own virtual files and cabinets.

With the drag and drop feature, you are able to move your documents around the system as easily as paper. And, best of all, you will no longer have to index to find your documents. By eliminating one of the most time-consuming elements of document management, you can boost productivity and spend more time developing your business.

Here's 6 simple ways that Volume can help you to seize control of your document storage…

1. Microsoft Office integration

Volume integrates with Microsoft Office so you don’t have to change how you are working. Emails and files are automatically captured to save time and hassle. Mail merge documents can be captured and stored automatically as they are generated in Word. Automated change control allows you to hold all Word and Excel amendments. You can streamline your document storage process with one click access, automated updates and, best of all, there’s no need to index.

2. Data imports

Documents can be imported from virtually any source including existing and defunct document management systems, digital data repositories, data stores, Outlook and Windows folders. Test imports are available at no cost and, with the expertise of our software technicians, data transfer will be quick and easy.

3. Scanning services

We can help to make the transition to paperless document storage as hassle-free as possible by assisting with document scanning. We work with approved suppliers with the highest security level clearance to give you complete confidence that your documents are in safe hands.

4. OCR searching – Automatic file finder

With its automatic file finder, Volume reduces time spent searching for documents. You can enjoy full OCR and text search capabilities. Searching for documents is quick and easy with Volume, which automatically identifies words, phrases, dates, policy numbers, monetary values and more within document images, emails, PDFs, Word, Excel and most other electronic file formats.

5. Locked recycle bin

With Volume, you have peace of mind that documents can never be deleted. This is one of the things that many people worry about with digital document storage, but our solution has got it covered. If and when documents are deleted, they go into the recycle bin where they will remain and cannot be deleted permanently. You can also include recycle bins in any system-wide document searches, all of which are governed by system security.

6. Tracking & auditing

System Audits allow you to view and monitor the full document history by both document and user. You can track and audit user actions, document tracking and movement, document change/version control and page tracking. All audit levels contain hyperlinks to document in question to make things as quick and easy as possible.

By going paperless with your document storage, you can save time, space and hassle.

Volume is a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, system that can revolutionise your document management processes and free you up to run your business much more efficiently.

For more tips on managing your digital documents, see our Watermark page on our website.

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