GFI's IT Stress Survey 2015


We thought we would share the results of GFI's annual IT Stress Survey with you.

Check out the colourful infographic GFI have created which we feel illustrates the results in the best way.


The Survey

The research for GFI Software was carried out between: 11 / 03 / 2015 and 16 / 03 / 2015

Sample: 205 IT administrators in companies of 10+ employees in the UK.

It seems from the results that IT Admins need a break as stress levels are on the up. With growing threats to businesses, IT admins are battling more than security threats, APTs and DOS attacks. They face daily challenges with end users and management, then to top it off, they have to squeeze in patch management, locking down systems, documentation and so on.

Its no wonder then with all of this to juggle that a whopping 88% of IT Admins find their job stressful. And its impacting on their family and social lives too!  IT Admins are regularly cancelling arrangements, missing social events and time with family and friends due to not having enough time to complete everything in the day.

Working overtime is a regular occurrence and many IT Admins are losing sleep over their increased workloads and it is having a big impact on their health and wellbeing.

Read the survey results in full here.

We particularly liked question 7 at the end of the survey.

What is the most ridiculous thing you have seen an end user do?

Please see this spreadsheet for a list of the responses given...there are definitely a few that will raise some eyebrows!

It is hard to ignore these results... so what can be done to improve them?


The Solution

Grant McGregor has a wide variety of IT Software and Solutions, designed to lighten the IT Admins workload.

Your organisation and management can actually save time and money so that you, business IT Admins, are less stressed and able to concentrate on the important projects.

Its well documented that if you have a happy workforce you will get more out of them. It is a win, win for employers and employees. Reduced staff absence, better mental and physical wellbeing, better sleeping patterns, happier lifestyle - all of these will increase productivity in your workplace where it counts.

So here are some quick wins your company could invest in to make sure your systems are secure and to help ensure that you and the IT team are freed up to concentrate on other more pressing IT tasks and projects. These solutions are the main ones that we have found to save IT Admins the most time and repetitive effort.

GFI LanGuard - Network Security Scanner, Vulnerability Scanning and Complete Patch Management Solution – ALL in one product

GFI Events Manager - Event Log Monitoring and Management made easy

GFI EndPoint Security - Control of USB Stick drives, iPods and Other Endpoint Devices

There are lots of other products that will of course benefit organisations of all shapes and sizes and you can view a full list of these here.



We would advise that you talk to our team to discuss find out what your biggest bugbears are and the tasks that consume majority of your time. Have a look at the solutions available to lessen these burdens on you and your IT staff and weigh up if it is going to be a good investment for your business.

We are happy to talk though all of the IT Software and Solutions on offer and if these would benefit your business.

For a no obligation chat and to find out more about the products available and what the best solution would be for your business, please give us a call on 0131 603 7910.





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