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Over the last couple of years, Adobe has been focusing on its Creative Cloud, so much in fact that you may have forgotten that the company also has a big share in the document market, with its popular tool, Acrobat.

Recently Adobe has re-focused some attention on Acrobat, in-line with the launch of its new Document Cloud. The new product is called Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and is available now for download.


Preventing excess printing

According to Adobe, 50 billion PDF documents were opened in the last year alone. Their mobile version of Acrobat reader is experiencing around 40,000 mobile installs per day and EchoSign has already processed over 100 million agreements. Despite this, the company still says that many people are resorting to printing documents, as they require a written signature.

This means that almost 80% of document-based processes are reliant on paper, something that Adobe is seeking to change. In order to do, they’ve taken what they’ve learned from running the Creative Cloud and applied it to documents.

The idea of their new Adobe Reader DC is to create a unified experience across all platforms and facilitate e-signing to prevent the need for documents to be printed.


What is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC?

The new update from Adobe is known as Acrobat Reader DC. It is a free piece of software designed for use in the viewing, signing, printing and annotation of PDFs. It is currently unique in being the sole PDF viewer which can also both open and fully interact with various types of PDFs, such as various types of forms and multi-media.

One of the great things about Adobe Reader DC is that it’s connected with Adobe’s Document Cloud. This means that users can open PDFs on a wide range of devices, wherever you are.

The new software, also offers free electronic signing with new subscriptions. This means that users will no longer need to print their documents in order to get a compulsory signature.

Users of Document Cloud for Enterprise will also be able to benefit from enterprise-level document services and integrated solutions such as CRM, HCM, CLM and CMS.


Key features of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

New mobile App - One of the key benefits of this new version of Acrobat is that it allows you to work anywhere in the world with your PDFs. All you need to do is download a new, DC mobile app for Acrobat – and the good news is this is free. It is available for Android and iOS and also offers some functionality for Windows Phone users.

Fill & Sign tool – The reader also makes use of Adobe’s new Fill & Sign tool, which is designed to help you complete PDF forms quickly with smart auto fill options. This comes with the desktop software only; there is an option though to download a free app which provides the same functionality for Android and iPad tablets.


Benefits of Acrobat Reader DC

Save money – With excellent e-signature functionality, you will find that you can save a significant amount on ink and toner, as you won’t be printing as many documents from your PC.

Access to secure storage – Adobe Acrobat Reader DC users will be able to store and access their files in the Adobe Document Cloud. Adobe is providing all users with 5GB of free storage.

Instant access to files – Using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, you can get instant access to your recent files across the web, as well as your desktop and mobile devices using Mobile Link.


A great new PDF reader (and so much more)

With so many great features, we’re sure Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is going to be a real hit with both personal and business users. All of these tools are available to download now.

The Abode Reader DC is yet another example of how Cloud services for business are improving continuously.

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