IT System Audits – No Pain, No Gain

As a business owner, it is likely that you are constantly on the look out for ways to improve your operations in order to achieve higher levels of efficiency. Seeing as the majority of companies rely so heavily on their IT systems today, this is a key area that requires constant improvement. But how do you go about improving your business IT systems? To get started we highly recommend performing an IT system audit. Although it can be a time consuming process, it will help to improve your business in the long run. As the saying goes – no pain, no gain!

What is an IT system audit?

An IT system audit is basically an in-depth analysis of a company’s IT infrastructure. This includes existing computer applications, hardware infrastructure, IT strategy and IT processes. Once all key aspects of a company’s IT system have been investigated, the results are written up in a detailed report, with some key recommendations on what the company can do in order to make improvements and achieve greater levels of efficiency.

Objectives of an IT system audit

The objectives of an IT system audit will largely depend on individual companies’ needs and goals. However, there are some underlying objectives that remain true of all audits. See the pointers below for more information.

> Businesses rely heavily on the data provided from their IT systems in order to make key decisions. An IT system audit will evaluate how reliable the systems are, how well protected they are and any key risks that may need to be countered.

> An IT system audit will also investigate how well all aspects of the system connect together, what control measures are in place and any scope for improvement or consolidation.

> As we previously mentioned, an IT audit aims to identify key areas of inefficiency and waste in order to make changes that improve the way a business functions, whilst also reducing costs.

Benefits of IT system audits

IT system audits can benefit businesses of all sizes in a number of different ways, some of which we have addressed below.

Planning upgrades

Given that an IT system audit examines all onsite aspects of IT infrastructure, including hardware, software and applications, it should allow businesses to get a better overview of their technology and plan for any beneficial or necessary upgrades. Planning and budgeting for upgrades is essential as it prevents businesses from over-spending and running into issues caused by ineffective or outdated software.

Improving security

An IT system audit can also help businesses to enhance the security of their systems. The audit will identify any holes or gaps in business IT security, so that they can be patched and rectified quickly. This should also help to make their businesses more compliant with many relevant IT-related laws.

Increasing efficiency

All in all, an IT system audit can help businesses to increase levels of efficiency, which in turn can result in higher levels of productivity and profit. It will allow a business owner or manager to see where they are doing well and identify areas of IT that require improvement so they can change their policies or processes for the better.


Although IT audits are yet another cost for business owners to cover and can also take up a fair amount of time, it’s a no pain, no gain situation. If a business does not bother to audit its systems and evaluate its processes, how do managers know if improvements can be made or how to make them? You can’t expect to get results without putting in the hard work first.

Luckily, we can take much of that hard work off your hands by performing an IT system audit on your behalf. We’ll audit your IT system, create a detailed report for you (along with our key recommendations) and then we’ll even help you to implement agreed improvements to achieve the results you desire.

Find out how we can kick-start improvements to your IT systems with an IT Audit & Analysis Report.

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