Cloud Based Email Simplified with Microsoft Office 365

Today more and more businesses are migrating to Office 365 in order to take advantage of its Cloud based email solution, amongst many other beneficial features. One of the great things about using Microsoft Office 365 is that it allows you to continue using the email software and other tools you have been using for years.

However, thanks to Cloud technology, the management of much of that software (and the hardware it lives on) is now in the hands of Microsoft, making your life and job easier. Here we will explain how Office 365 simplifies Cloud-based email and the benefits it provides to businesses, both big and small.

Easy administration

Microsoft has made the administration processes related to email, as straightforward as possible. As a Cloud-based solution, Microsoft handles many of the technical hosting side of things, so you can concentrate on doing your job. Easier administration means that any IT resources can focus on improving user productivity and spend less time on managing equipment.

Access your emails anywhere

Another way Office 365 simplifies email is by providing users with easy access, no matter where they are or what device they are using. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to access your business emails from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This is due to the fact that the software is running at Microsoft’s data centre and is not a local server. You can simply connect to the internet using your device, log into your account and access your emails no matter where you are or what time it is.

By providing unlimited access to emails, Office 365 enables businesses to improve communication and participate in collaborative working, both of which can lead to higher levels of productivity.

Robust email security

In the past you may have found that your IT team has focused on keeping on top of systems management. By choosing to use Office 365’s Cloud-based email solution, you can take some of the weight off their shoulders and give them more time to concentrate on helping your other employees get the most out of the software.

Microsoft will take care of hosting your email solution, ensuring it remains robust and reliable. They implement certain aspects of security in order to protect their data centres and implement strict privacy policies to keep your data safe. Using additional email filtering, security and continuity services to augment the protection for Office 365, we can ensure that spam is minimised, email threats are quarantined and business continuity is maintained, even if Office 365 is unavailable.

Microsoft will continue to update its Cloud-based email software over time and perform regular security updates at no extra cost to your business.

Significant cost savings

One of the best things about using this Cloud-based email solution is that it will give you access to enterprise-class technology and the benefits associated with it, at just a fraction of the up-front cost to run it in-house. This means that new and small businesses can utilise the same level of email technology used by bigger businesses in their industries, at a price they can actually afford.

As with many aspects of IT, you need to know how to set-up, configure and get using Office 365. If you are migrating from an Exchange email on your own server, you also need to know some of the pitfalls of the migration process that could leave you in a real mess. With experienced Microsoft Office 365 professional’s on-hand, the migration process can be managed to minimise any disruption and ensure the whole process goes smoothly for your email.


With so many benefits, it is no wonder that many businesses are choosing to migrate to Office 365 and take advantage of its simplified Cloud-based email solution. Not only does Office 365 make email administration more straightforward, but it also provides employees with ready access to their emails, no matter where they are located.

With enterprise levels of service availability and security (from Microsoft but augmented with additional third party services) there are significant improvements that can be made. Office 365 is the ideal solution for small, medium and large businesses and it might be right for you.

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