Password hacking won't affect you, will it?

Are you sleep-walking into the arms of a password fraudster?

Ten Tips to Help You Create & Manage Stronger, More Hack-Proof Passwords…

Password and online identity theft is increasingly common and has recently affected Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn and other well-known sites!  But it’s not only high-profile sites and systems that are victims of password-hacking or password fraud. It’s people like you!

You see, we use an average of 26 separate logins but just 5 different passwords.  So, how do we remember all the different passwords required in our busy online lives today? Simple, most people don’t - which is why identity fraud is on the increase!

Are you set to become a victim?

If you use weak passwords such as Password1 or those that include personal details, dates of birth or dictionary words, then you're setting yourself up for a fall. And if you're struggling to recall multiple passwords so you use the same one everywhere, you need to beware and take action now!!

We've just published a short, 5-page guide on Password creation and management. The ten tips in this guide will help you to quickly discover how to create ’3-Dimensional’ passwords that will defeat even the most determined hacker. It will demonstrate the surest way to out-smart password-cracking software and explain how to safely test the strength of alternative passwords. It will also show that online identity fraud is on the increase and show you why a ‘head-in-the-sand’ approach leaves you wide open to financial loss.

This plain-English guide provides some ingenious tips & tricks to create highly secure passwords which are instantly recalled when you need them.

Request your free password guide here now - there’s no catch and no further obligation.

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