Keep your confidential data private and secure!

GFI EndPointSecurity® 2013 now gives IT managers and administrators more powerful tools to assess risk, identify sensitive information and prevent data loss.

As high profile data breaches continue to make the IT press headlines, Data Loss Prevention software (DLP) is becoming more and more critical in preventing confidential and/or sensitive information from leaving the organisation.

GFI Software has released a powerful new version of their Endpoint control solution. GFI EndPointSecurity 2013 helps countless organisations to keep their confidential data secure by allowing IT managers and systems administrators to assess and control what information is travelling across endpoints (such as USB ports, to Smartphones or to CD/DVD writers) and to identify which endpoints carry a higher risk to be a source of data leakage.

EndPointSecurity 2013 uses risk assessment and enhanced intelligent data awareness capabilities to identify instances when sensitive data such as credit card, social security and medical records numbers as well as sensitive human resource and financial information are transferred to an external storage device, like a smartphone or USB key, and stolen from the office.

Scans data moved across endpoints!

When a file is moved through such an endpoint, the data awareness engine scans it and searches for sensitive and company confidential information, especially those whose loss can result in violations of regulatory compliance standards, such as the Payment Card Industry standard (PCI). The risk assessment engine takes into consideration a number of variables including endpoint activity, risk level and the type of device being assessed. It then assigns a risk level per endpoint and a global risk level per network. If a document is found to contain information that matches pre-configured templates in the engine, the file is blocked and the administrator alerted.

In 2012, data breaches and losses continued as the likes of Zappos, LinkedIn and Global Payments all fell victim to hackers. You just have to take a look at the ICO website in the UK for more examples. These high-profile incidents serve as constant reminders that breaches and the resulting data loss can be devastating to a business and its reputation. It further demonstrates that robust endpoint security is an essential business necessity, especially when it comes to safeguarding sensitive and confidential information.

With support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, GFI EndPointSecurity 2013 allows IT managers to centrally manage their entire endpoint IT environment from an improved dashboard which provides relevant information in a visually concise manner, as well as suggested courses of action to increase protection and shortcuts to the most common operations.

Stop your data from being copied to user devices.

The dashboard controls and monitors access, activity, reporting and security through a small agent that is automatically loaded onto all Windows devices. This ensures that devices and users are protected and provisioned within the existing IT framework, even when a user has brought their own device, such as a laptop or tablet, and has connected to the corporate network.

Access controls can be determined by a user, workgroup, domain or even by a device, while access and permissions can be enabled on a temporary or permanent basis, and changed on-the-fly to ensure that rogue or lost devices are quarantined, restricted or cut-off immediately.

“Data loss protection is on every executive’s and IT manager’s mind. It is a growing concern for businesses because as more devices are connected to the network the greater the risk,” said Sergio Galindo, Global Product Manager at GFI. “GFI EndPointSecurity 2013 adds another layer of protection that ensures sensitive information is not leaked over the network’s endpoints.”

Pricing and Availability GFI EndPointSecurity 2013 is available now from Grant McGregor with packages starting at around £15 for 100 computers. Many additional licence options are available. Just ask for details.

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If you like the sound of GFI EndPoint Security to protect your organisation's sensitive data, you can download GFI EndPoint Security for a free 30-day trial to see how it would help protect your data. Or you can arrange a short demo of the product from Grant McGregor.



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