Appointed to support The Royal Society of Edinburgh

The Royal Society of Edinburgh awards IT Support Contract to Grant McGregor Ltd

Following a review of IT service requirements, the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) recently tendered its IT Service arrangements.

Having worked with the same provider for around 10 years, RSE wanted to review the market and see what kind of service offerings were available and whether it was getting good value for its money.

The Society received tenders from a number of Scottish IT Providers and shortlisted a few, select providers. This shortlist included ourselves - they then conducted a good degree of due diligence on the shortlisted providers to ensure the best fit for the Society's needs for a responsive and reliable helpdesk and on-going advisory service.


We're very happy to report that the RSE selected Grant McGregor Ltd to be its IT partner going forward and commenced service with us on 1st August.

We're now helping them to make a smooth transition to our service and look forward to working with all the people at RSE over the coming months.


Sometimes, it seems easier to stick with the IT service you have, however inadequate or poor value that might be. Yet making the change to a better quality of service can be easy and can save you money too!

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