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10 signs it's time to get a new IT support company

Are you feeling a little less than satisfied with your IT support service? Here’s our team’s pick of 10 signs it's time to get a new IT support company.

Are you feeling a little less than satisfied with the IT support service you currently receive? It can be frustrating to feel that your IT needs are not being met, especially if you are paying a significant sum for IT support. Do you identify with any of these issues?

After discussing with customers who’ve made the switch, here’s our team’s pick of 10 signs it's time to get a new IT support company.

1. You have to log the same problem two or three times just to get an acknowledgement

Having an IT issue is frustrating enough. Having to send follow-up emails to find out whether your IT company is dealing with your issue makes a frustrating problem worse. If you are repeatedly reporting the same fault before it is acknowledged, it’s time to switch. 

Grant McGregor uses a digital system, so you log once and receive an immediate acknowledgement. You can be sure our engineers know of your problem and are working on a fix.

2. No visibility of queue

Once you’ve received acknowledgement of your problem, do you then end up calling multiple times to chase up the resolution? If so, it’s time to switch. 

Grant McGregor offers our clients the ability to login to our queue to check the status of all their jobs and requests. This way, you know exactly where you stand at all times with minimum fuss.

3. Even simple problems take ages to resolve

Without the kind of visibility that we offer our clients, it’s really easy for jobs to get lost or pushed to the bottom of the queue. If you find that you’re waiting days or even weeks to get your problems resolved, it’s time to switch.

Grant McGregor will agree a defined service level agreement (SLA) with you when you sign up with us, with agreed prioritisations for different types of jobs and issues. This way, you know you will always receive the speedy response you need to whatever type of support request you raise.

4. No SLA

An SLA is important because it gives you a set of targets against which you measure your supplier’s service and hold them to account. If you don’t have defined service levels, it’s time to switch to a provider that isn’t afraid to promise you the service you need.

5. You’re not sure whether updates are done

How much visibility do you have into the proactive work your current supplier delivers? Do you know when updates and patches are applied? How sure are you that all your operating systems and software is up to date? 

Keeping systems and software updated is vital because it ensures you have the best available protection against the latest cyber threats. Without it, your data and your operations are vulnerable to hackers who aim to target known vulnerabilities. Keeping your systems updated and ensuring patches are applied in a timely manner is a relatively simple job which offers a great deal of protection from cyber threat.

If you aren’t sure the current status of your updates and you don’t have a defined patching plan, it’s time to switch to a supplier that will protect your IT estate properly. With Grant McGregor’s automated patching services, you can be sure that we are closing known vulnerabilities as quickly as possible – helping you to better protect your data, systems and operations.

6. Your organisation hasn’t achieved Cyber Essentials certification yet

The UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme is designed to offer a framework by which even the smallest businesses can understand and protect themselves against the most common types of cyber threat. Every business should aim to address these threats and gain Cyber Essentials certification. 

As well as ensuring you have the basics in place to protect against common cyber threats, Cyber Essentials certification can be a prerequisite in some tendering processes. It demonstrates your organisation takes cyber threats seriously and offers reassurance to suppliers and customers.

If you haven’t yet attained certification, and you supplier isn’t helping you do so, it’s time to switch.
For this assistance alone, it’s a great idea to speak to our team today.

7. Cyber problems

Have you had viruses or ransomware issues over the last twelve months? Today, it’s really a question of when – rather than if. However, if you’ve had repeated issues, then it may be time to make a switch so you can work with a supplier that is focused on hardening your defences

A good IT supplier will do a thorough vulnerability and penetration test when you switch to them, highlighting where there are issues and working with you to develop a plan to fix them. This way, you know you start from a good place – and stay there.

8. You’re chasing supplier about new innovations

IT support shouldn’t just be about reactive support. A good IT partner will keep you updated about the latest technologies, issues and innovations. If your current IT support team isn’t proactively coming to you with new ideas, it’s time to switch.

Grant McGregor holds quarterly meetings with all our customers, highlighting new risks and outlining new opportunities. This way, you’re in a good place to take advantage of new tools that can help your organisation to enhance efficiency, productivity and gain competitive advantage.

9. You’re really not sure what your supplier is doing in the background

Do you feel that you are spending a lot of money each month, without necessarily knowing how it’s being spent or what return you’re getting for it? If so, it’s time to switch.

We believe that all customers need regular check-ins. This way, you have plenty of opportunity to bring your concerns and ambitions to us. In return, we’ll work with you to understand your needs and desires and offer sensible, cost-effective solutions to help you achieve them. When you choose Grant McGregor as an IT partner, this is exactly what you’ll get: our regular check-ins will help you stay focused on the big picture and continue to deliver the IT that will help you drive towards your business goals.

10. Reading articles about whether to change supplier

If you’ve got this far, we think it’s a fairly good indication that you’re not 100 percent satisfied with your current IT supplier. If you aren’t happy with the service that they’re providing, it’s time to switch.

Ask yourself: what’s holding you back from moving to a better service? It doesn’t have to be hard to make the switch. With a clear plan, you can make the switch in a matter of weeks – as painlessly and hassle-free as possible. And then you can enjoy all the benefits of a better IT supplier.

Next steps

New year, new IT support company? If you feel that the service you’re receiving from your current IT support company is less than desired, our team is on hand to help. 

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