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    2021-12-20 12:21:22

    Our review of the biggest tech stories of 2021

    What were the tech stories that got us all talking during the last twelve months? The Grant McGregor team looks back at some of the technology tales and IT intelligence that made headlines in 2021. #1. Poor practices put users at risk In May, security experts(1) revealed that more than 100 million...

    2017-07-25 11:29:39

    What is the "right" level of security for my business?

    So far, 2017 has been the year of the cyber-attack. Cases of cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism are on the rise, but never before have the general public seen the scope and scale of cyber-crime committed by groups on the government and public services.

    2016-10-10 07:30:34

    Why SMEs Should Take Cyber Security Seriously

    Whilst cyber security has frequented news headlines in recent times, these high-profile breaches almost always involve large corporations which can lead smaller businesses and organisations into a false sense of security (no pun intended).