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    2020-12-14 16:14:12

    12 Security & Compliance Reasons for Switching to Microsoft Teams and Why You Should Do It Now – PART 2

    Last week we shared part one of our blog ‘12 Security & Compliance Reasons for Switching to Microsoft Teams and Why You Should Do It Now’ including the first 6 of 12 reasons and today’s blog looks at the next 6.

    2019-06-19 14:12:53

    Outlook – Cloudy

    We recently published an article relating to email and the evolution of cybercrime and another referring to the rising popularity of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite and the growing security risks associated with it.

    2018-08-06 07:30:29

    GDPR: the aftermath

    It’s now a little over two months since GDPR came into force. A little longer since those panicked conversations with your boss about what you actually need to do and that inbox full of marketing emails begging you to resubscribe. What have we learnt since then?

    2018-07-30 09:55:26

    The Beginner’s Guide to Encryption

    With organisations under more pressure than ever to protect their customers’ data, and more and more information being stored digitally, Grant McGregor takes a look at encryption and the possibilities it offers to help small businesses protect their data.

    2018-03-05 07:30:53

    Best Practice Password Security

    Passwords have an important role to play in any organisation’s cyber security – whether to protect user access to applications, data or email. So what should organisations be doing to ensure that the passwords and password policies being used are up to scratch? 

    2017-05-15 10:11:32

    How to Protect Your Business Against Cyber-Attacks and Data Theft

    Wow! Quite a weekend of news around Cyber Security... This was an article we had written a couple of weeks ago now and had scheduled for publication today just for the sake of offering our readers and supported end-users ongoing education about cyber security and playing your part...

    2017-01-11 16:38:05

    Learning the lessons of 2016: How SMEs can improve their cyber security practices this year

    This time last year, we were contemplating 2015 as the year of the data breach. We were taking stock and trying to learn the lessons so that we could better protect ourselves and our businesses from the growing threat of hackers. And then 2016 happened.

    2015-08-17 13:59:32

    Carphone Warehouse Customer Data Breach


    2015-07-17 12:23:55

    Risky Business – why you shouldn’t store important files locally


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