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We have been working with KTwo Products for a couple of years now. KTwo designs and creates a fantastic range of organisers and planners for families, recipes, weddings and baby that you'll find in retailers such as John Lewis. Over the last 24 months we have reduced their reactive IT support tickets considerably and spent much more time improving their use of IT, helping users more with specific "how do I"-type questions. Most of the reactive support tickets related to their ageing server supplied by their previous IT provider and were to do with its performance more than anything else.

So the timing was great when they decided to move from their squeezed offices on Leith Walk to the larger purpose-built office around the corner.  It had been some time since we had the chance to influence the shape of the network, cabling and cabinet layout. What was even better was the smart decision by KTwo's management to replace that old server. Given that moving building comes with all sorts of costs, and staying conscious of KTwo's limited funds, I procured a suitable, new Dell server that would meet their growth needs and balance well for their budget.

The day came for us to help with the move (over a bank holiday) from their old office to new.  This was made easier as we had configured much on the new server beforehand. This was to minimise any disruption to their working day and so downtime was very short. David M and I packed the equipment and re-connected it once in the new office. Then we completed the migration of all they needed from the old to the new server. We only had one teething issue with a Windows XP PC that ran Sage accounting software. I contacted the people at Sage on their behalf to uncover the reason. Sage confirmed that the issue was to do with the software version they were running and we sorted the problem out quickly and without any costs or delay. Their Apple Macs went in just fine.

It's been a couple of months now and the new server has bedded-in and behaved/performed just great and way better than their staff had hoped. The very happy KTwo people in their new offices have to space to organise everything, to work a little smarter ñ and a lot faster.

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