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    2017-04-24 08:14:33

    Support for Windows Vista Comes To An End

    On April 11th 2017, Microsoft officially ended support for Vista, meaning they will no longer be releasing security updates, patches or technical support for it. Therefore if your business computers are still running Windows Vista then now is the time to upgrade to a more recent version.

    2017-02-06 08:30:28

    Is Windows 7 no longer fit for business use?

    In a recent post, one of Microsoft’s Worldwide divisions stated that its Windows 7 operating system is outdated and no longer fit for business use.

    2015-04-30 08:54:46

    Do you Move to Windows 8 or stay with Windows 7 and wait for Windows 10?

    It may be a few years yet before Microsoft withdraws support for Windows 7 but businesses still need to prepare their upgrade plans early. Despite having plenty of warning about the end of XP support, many companies are still running the vulnerable operating system as they have failed to upgrade in...