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    2021-12-27 08:30:00

    Grant McGregor’s Tech Predictions for 2022

    What has the world of IT got in store for us all in the coming year? The Grant McGregor team has put our heads together to produce our top tech predictions for 2022. The rush to adapt systems in response to the pandemic revealed to us all how fast change can be delivered when it is necessary. This...

    2021-12-20 12:21:22

    Our review of the biggest tech stories of 2021

    What were the tech stories that got us all talking during the last twelve months? The Grant McGregor team looks back at some of the technology tales and IT intelligence that made headlines in 2021. #1. Poor practices put users at risk In May, security experts(1) revealed that more than 100 million...

    2019-12-30 07:30:42

    Predictions 2020

    At this time of year, it's traditional to reflect on the year that’s been and think about the year ahead. What can we do better in 2020? And what does the year have in store for us?