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    phishing email on phone
    2022-06-29 14:34:07

    Protect your business from these common financial phishing scams

    The average office worker sends and receives around 121 emails every day. And while that sounds like a lot, you may be shocked to learn that 3 billion phishing emails are sent each day. They account for 1% of all email traffic. What’s a phishing email? It’s an email sent by cyber criminals that...

    2020-12-21 08:30:00

    The 10 Steps for Digital Safety You Need this Christmas Season

    2020 has been a year like no other. One of its defining characteristics has been how much of our lives have migrated online. This makes our annual advice about how to stay safe online during the festive period more important than ever. The Christmas rush always inspires a flurry of online shopping...

    2018-02-26 09:42:01

    5 Things Every BYOD Policy Needs

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are rapidly gaining traction in the modern workplace owing to the flexibility and convenience they provide to both employees and their employers.

    2018-02-12 07:30:27

    Could Social Media Be Your Security Weak Spot?

    Social Media is so much a part of our lives these days, both personally and in business.

    2016-05-16 07:30:27

    Why “CEO Fraud” is so Dangerous to Your Business & How to Avoid It

    Image source: Action Fraud