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    2022-07-06 11:26:50

    12 questions to ask your web developer about cyber security

    Our team is focused on business support and cyber security rather than web design. Nevertheless, the security of your website is important to us. In this blog, we’ll outline some of the questions you should be asking your website developer to ensure that your website is as protected as it needs to...

    2021-02-15 08:30:00

    What is Zero Trust and Should I Be Implementing It?

    The IT world is full of acronyms and strange phrases. “Zero Trust” is one of the latest to be bandied about, but what does it mean? And is it something your organisation needs to be thinking about? Zero Trust is a model for IT security. Although it is not a new concept, there is an increasing...

    laptop graphic with hand signalling stop - access denied
    2020-10-12 07:30:00

    What is the principle of “least privilege”? And should you be following it?

    You might have heard or read about the principle of least privilege in the context of cyber security – especially if you have looked into the Cyber Essentials scheme. This blog looks at why it’s important and how it can be implemented successfully.