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    2021-12-27 08:30:00

    Grant McGregor’s Tech Predictions for 2022

    What has the world of IT got in store for us all in the coming year? The Grant McGregor team has put our heads together to produce our top tech predictions for 2022. The rush to adapt systems in response to the pandemic revealed to us all how fast change can be delivered when it is necessary. This...

    2016-08-23 10:54:58

    6 Vital Reasons You Should Filter Web Traffic Through Your IT Network

    Broadband internet has opened a Pandora's box, both for home users and businesses. The advantages of the internet are obvious but it has also brought a lot of downsides, particularly for businesses, such as distractions which decrease productivity and increasing the risk of data leakage.

    2016-02-19 09:35:25

    Employee Monitoring: Assessing the Risks and Benefits