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    2022-05-30 14:32:53

    Your guide to creating an effective enrolment policy for users and devices

    People are often said to be the “weakest link” or the “first line of defence” in your cyber strategy. But what happens when they aren’t there? But all their connected devices and accounts are? That’s why an effective enrolment policy is essential. What happens in your organisation when someone...

    2021-11-30 16:35:43

    A quick guide to ISO 27001

    What is the ISO 27001 Information Security Certification? Does your business need it? Is it worth going through the hard work of certification? Read on for a quick and easy-to-digest overview of the standard. Have you noticed ISO 27001 certification cropping up on an increasing number of RFI and...

    2018-10-17 08:13:15

    How does an Information Asset Register ensure GDPR compliance?

    GDPR has focused business leaders’ thoughts on the data held within their organisations and how best to protect it. Since the first step towards securing anything is understanding what you have, an Information Asset Register is crucial. Grant McGregor explains what an Information Asset Register is...