A Guide to MOVEit Transfer

Being able to transfer files securely within your business as well as with customers and partners is an absolute must for businesses today.

The wide range of applications on the market can make it difficult to choose which is the best for your business. When it comes to file transfer, you need to be especially careful to make sure you choose the right service since the safety of your data depends on it.




About MOVEit Transfer

MOVEit transfer (from Ipswitch) is a managed file transfer application that enables users to move critical data securely and while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Many businesses do not have a secure file transfer solution in place and this can easily result in disaster.

MOVEit Transfer comes with many benefits, the most important of which are listed below.


The benefits

• A complete overview of all data transfers - Having a complete overview of all file transfers that occur in your business is essential if you want to protect your data. MOVEit transfer enables business owners to get a clear picture of all data interactions, including people, places and events.

• Advanced security features - Making your data secure means having it encrypted both in rest and in transit. MOVEit Transfer gives you the ability to do this. It also enforces security policies at user and system levels, with authentication and delivery confirmation required.

• Adhere to regulatory compliance - All transfers are logged in a database, which means all data interactions are logged in a way where tampering is evident. This means your business is able to comply with various regulatory standards.

• Transfer files globally - You are also able to upload and download files in any language. This is particularly useful for businesses that deal with clients across the globe. There is support for French, German, Japanese and Spanish as well as traditional and simplified Chinese.


Available Plans

MOVEit Transfer comes with three options for purchasing. Below are the details of each.


MOVEit Transfer Standard

MOVEit Transfer Standard includes -

• Secure repository and transfer

• Encryption in rest and in transit

• API module

• 10 WS_FTP clients

• Free non-production license


MOVEit Transfer Professional

MOVEit Transfer professional includes -

• All Features of Standard Edition

• iOS and Android Access

• Ipswitch Gateway server

• 15 WS_FTP Clients


MOVEit Transfer Premium

MOVEit Transfer Premium includes -

• All Features of Professional Edition

• Microsoft Outlook & Web Transfer

• 20 WS_FTP Clients


Is MOVEit Transfer right for your business?

If you’re considering switching from your current file transfer program; or if you don’t currently have a fully secure system in place for file transfers, then MOVEit Transfer is an excellent choice.

Loss or theft of customer data is a huge concern for businesses nowadays, so the ability to securely transfer files while adhering to regulatory standards is a huge benefit.

The fact that you can get a clear overview of all transfer also means you’re able to quickly stamp out any bad practices that your employees might be engaging in when it comes transferring sensitive data.

Additionally, the range of packages available means that MOVEit Transfer is suitable for both SMEs and large corporations who need a secure file transfer solution.



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Try MOVEit

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